The algorithm which takes decisions based on random choices that are generated during its execution is called a randomized algorithm. ….
Got it Ryt?

Yes, I know, It's difficult to understand so I came up with a problem that can be solved with randomized algorithm So we can easily understand this.

Hiring problem

Imagine you are a recruiter and you need to recruit someone who is sent by the agency to replace a current employee.

Basically, you need to hire the best person compared to the current employee.

You know, the agency never gives free offer You…

Whenever we need to analyze the time complexity of a particular operation, most of the time, we go with worst-case time analysis.

Worst-case time analysis

We find where the maximum number of code executions(code-wise) is executed for the given operation and calculate for n number of operations.

When we need to find the element which is last in the array, all n elements will be checked in linear search and this is the worst case. Based on this worst case, linear search time complexity will be defined as O(n).

If we consider the worst-case time analysis in data structure operations, For example…

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If you want to visit my place, you are always welcome! But be aware that there are two security officers guarding my place. Before allowing you in, they will ask all sorts of questions to verify your identity.

They will ask “Who you are?”, “What you are expecting to do?” to which you will have to answer. Depends on the answers my guards will either allow you to the house or restrict access. …

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Developing an API is more relaxed than documenting an API. So how can we document an API? We have some tools that can generate the API documents for us automatically. We will see how we can document the Spring boot API with Swagger2.

Swagger2 is a fantastic tool to document the REST API. API Properties can be described in JSON or YAML metadata in Swagger2. The Swagger UI is a beautiful thing to view our API. It will generate HTML documentation using the swagger2 metadata. …

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Sorry to disappoint but no- I am not referencing WWE superstar Edge but rather the edges of an image used online. This is an important topic as — when programmers are trying to search or identify objects in an image — finding the border or edge of the image is very important. This article will look at the fundamentals of edges with a main focus on various methods for edge detection.

What is an edge?

Essentially an edge is a discontinuity representing changes in an image attribute (for example, luminance and texture are both important primitive features). If we…

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When you play video games like pubg or GTA vice city, sometimes you feel like the player you are playing. Not by heart, somehow you feel. When the pubg player is running, you may feel like you are running but you know that was a video game and you are outside of the game and you are playing that player.

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Reactive Stream is a specification for asynchronous stream processing.

In other words, a system where lots of events are being produced and consumed asynchronously. In order for an application to be reactive, the first thing it must be able to do is to produce a stream of data. Reactive Core gives us two data types that enable us to do this.


The first way of doing this is with a Flux. It’s a stream that can emit 0..n elements. Let’s try creating a simple one: Flux<String> just = Flux.just("1", …

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Pandas library is vital in data science. data science is a process of analyzing a large set of data points to get answers to questions related to that data set. For that, Pandas is a python module that makes data science easy and effective. Pandas’ core is a data frame.

Data Frame

Dataframe is the main object in Pandas. It is used to represent data with rows and columns. For a simple scenario, when you have data in the CSV file(spreadsheet), you have to represent the data in the Pandas. …

Mutex, condition variables, monitors, barriers and semaphores are used to achieve mutual exclusion in concurrent programming.

Before going to the semaphore, we need to understand some of the fundamentals of concurrent programming.

  • Race condition
  • Critical section
  • Critical section problem
  • Mutual exclusion

Race condition

The situation where several processes try to access and manipulate shared data concurrently. As above we mentioned this Situation is called a race condition.

We need to synchronize the processes where this race condition occurs. This is the core objective of concurrent programming. …

We can call any abroad local number freely using a satellite app of sipgate. This is very awesome, I heard this app from my german friend.

The magic of satellite is that you can be reached worldwide under a mobile phone number, regardless of the provider. You don’t need a cellular connection (GSM), just your cell phone and a data connection. It doesn’t matter whether you use a data SIM (5G, 4G, 3G, Edge) or WiFi, the voice quality is always top. And unlike most VoIP apps, satellite behaves like your phone’s standard telephony. …

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